Dyer Memorial Chapel

Dedicated to the memory of John Lewis Dyer, this building is a tribute to those men who provided spiritual guidance in the early mining camps. Father Dyer, known as the "Snowshoe Itenerant", was a Methodist circuit rider who served in South Park from 1863 to 1877. He was selected as one of the Founders of Colorado to be honored in a stained glass window in the state capitol dome.

In 1867, Rev. John L. Dyer paid $100.00 to move a building from the mining settlement of Montgomery to First Street Fairplay. Dyer carefully numbered each log before dismantling it. This made it easier to reassemble at its new location. In 1957 the building was moved to a hill overlooking Fairplay, near a small cemetery. There it stood until 1981, when it became part of the South Park City complex.