Gallows Frame

The large timber structure on the hill is a “Head Frame” or Gallows Frame, as it was commonly called. No! It was not used for hanging criminals, but from a distance could be mistaken for that purpose. No doubt this is how it got its name.

This Head Frame was used in the operation of the Phillips Gold Mine discovered in 1859, and located in Buckskin Gulch, two miles west of Alma. The Frame was used to support the cable and pulleys used for lowering and raising the ore buckets in the mine shaft. The miners would also use the buckets for entering and leaving the mine.

The Phillips was the first large producing mine in the area. It was this claim that started the gold rush to the settlement that later became known as Buckskin Joe.

Head Frame in original location at the Phillips Gold Mine located two miles west of Alma in Buckskin Gulch.