Old Lodge Hall

A narrowly enclosed staircase on the side of Simpkin’s Store leads to a small, rustic Masonic lodge room. The room was completely replicated by the Grand Lodge of Colorado as it appeared in the late 1800’s. On June 6, 1959, the lodge room was dedicated as a memorial to Lawrence N. Greenleaf, a Past Grand Master of Colorado and poet. The lodge room is still used for meetings and is known as “The Lodge Room over Simpkin’s Store” as immortalized in Lawrence N. Greenleaf’s poem written in 1898. The restoration work was done by Fred C. VanMeter of Las Animas, a Mason of the Royal Arch Chapter No. 49. The Master’s chair is an exact replica of the one used in the original organization of the Grand Lodge of Colorado in 1861. Enclosed in a glass case is a block of wood from the first Masonic Lodge in Colorado which was established in Aurora in 1859. On the stairwell the names Leon H. Snyder, Richard H. Eshe and Edward L. Snell are cut into rustic pieces of wood as a memoriam to the men who helped create South Park City and were members of the Board of Trustees of the South Park Historical Foundation Inc. Fraternal organizations played an important part in the life of the early pioneers.