Simpkin's General Store

This two-story building was moved log by log and reconstructed from the remains of a false-fronted building from Dudley, a ghost town north of Alma. It is the only building that was not moved intact to South Park City and is now South Park City’s general store. The people of the mining camps and towns came here for their supplies. It was the supermarket of the pioneer village. Almost everything was sold here. The items ranged from buttons to shoes, from sacks of flour to guns.

The store is laid out with food items on one side and dry goods on the other. Old cracker barrels accompany a cheese table set with an authentic round of goat cheese from the 1880’s enclosed in a glass case. The cheese was a unique gift to the museum donated by friends of Mr. Snyder. On the wall is a blackboard used for posting the news or the town’s local gossip. There are old time favorites such as Horehound Syrup and Towle’s Log Cabin Maple Syrup packaged in a tin can representing a pioneer log cabin. Preserved raspberries in small crocks, spices of tartar, cloves, ginger and pepper line the many shelves. For the pioneer woman, butter molds, china crocks, rolling pins and cooking utensils are stacked high. A wooden cabinet stores dried raisins, beans, sunflower seeds, rice, and peas. The general store also served as the town’s post office. At the rear of the store are post office boxes from the town of Garo, one of the earliest post offices in the South Park Area.