South Park City Depot

Originally the Buffalo Springs School, c. 1900, the depot contains memorabilia of the three railroads which serviced South Park: the Denver, South Park and Pacific; the Colorado and Southern; and the Colorado Midland. There are also an authentic Water Tower and a Narrow Gauge Train.

To further pique your interest on these exhibits we have included the story behind the acquisition of South Park City's steam engine.

In 1963, South Park City had been opened for four season and continued to grow , but one major piece of history was missing: a narrow gauge steam engine. Though the museum now had 500 feet of rail, and four authentic railroad cars, it seemed all the old steam engines had at one time or another been sold for scrap or were already on display at other locations. The search covered every part of the United States and as far away as Yucatan, México and Alaska.

Finally in July of 1966, a 45,000-lb. narrow gauge steam engine was obtained from the United Fruit Company of Bananera, Guatemala! The engine had been built in 1914 and was known as a Porter Mogul #6, the same type of engine that was used on the Denver and South Park Line.

The engine was purchased for only $600... the freight bill for shipping it to South Park, however, came to $5,000.00!