Stage Barn

Four stage companies used the Old Stage Road over Mosquito Pass from 1879 to 1890. One of the main companies was the Spottswood and McClellan Stage Line which carried as many as 50 passengers a day each way over the rough and treacherous pass. The Stage Barn was located next to the Stage Coach Inn in North Mosquito Gulch below timberline. The exact location is not known but is presumed they were located near the end of the tracks of the London, South Park & Leadville Railroad. The Barn was used as a stable where grain and feed was available for those traveling over the Old Stage road by horseback. Its main purpose, however, was to have fresh teams of horses available to replace the weary and hungry teams that pulled the stagecoach. Horses that pulled the stage were made to travel at a very fast pace to remain on schedule, requiring frequent changes of horses and driver. The stagecoach was checked and minor repairs made, if necessary, along with checking the team’s harness. This small, hand-hewn log building stands today, as it did in the 1870’s, a companion to the Stage Coach Inn. The Inn is just next door, so let’s stop and visit a while.