Trapper's Cabin

This small log building with its dirt floor represents a fur trapper’s cabin. It is possible that this cabin was moved from the ghost town of Leavick, but at this time that cannot be verified. It is set apart from the rest of the town, to be more representative of the trapper’s lifestyle. The origin of this building is not known.

Fur trapping, especially for beaver, was a main occupation in the South Park area during the 1800’s. The many streams and lakes provided the beaver with a perfect environment. The fur was highly valued both in the United States and in Europe.

The Trapper’s Cabin illustrates the simple and solitary life of the trapper. The interior, devoid of all luxuries, consists of a simple bed, chair, small rock fireplace in the corner and a crude handmade table. Over the fire hangs an iron pot. Snowshoes rest by the bed along with animal traps. A pouch of tobacco hangs from the roof rafters. Tin eating utensils consisting of a knife, fork, spoon and drinking cup rest on the table. Shelves made of rough lumber hold a powder horn and a few utensils. A single elk antler mounted on the wall and a variety of pelts complete the interior furnishings. It took a special kind of man to be a trapper, one had to live alone for long periods of time and be able to survive the biting wind and cold of Colorado winters. The path from the cabin leads to the caboose.